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Code of Conduct

GRM Marine's Code of Conduct delineates our organization's ethical and compliance standards, providing a framework for conducting business worldwide. It serves as a beacon for employees when navigating complex dilemmas where the best course of action may not be immediately apparent. Our Code is firmly anchored in our seven Guiding Principles, which are deeply woven into the fabric of our corporate culture and serve as the cornerstone for the behaviors we expect from every member of our team, regardless of their location or role within the company.

  1. We obey the law:
    We are committed to complying with all applicable laws, regulations, and legal obligations in every jurisdiction where we operate.
    We do not engage in any activities that violate the law or infringe upon the rights of others.

  2. We conduct our business with integrity:
    We uphold the highest standards of honesty, fairness, and ethical conduct in all our business dealings.
    We do not tolerate bribery, corruption, or any form of unethical behavior.

  3. We honor our business obligations:
    We fulfill our commitments and obligations to customers, partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders with honesty and diligence.
    We strive to deliver high-quality products and services that meet or exceed the expectations of our stakeholders.

  4. We treat people with dignity and respect:
    We foster a culture of inclusivity, diversity, and mutual respect where all individuals are treated with dignity and fairness.
    We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment, or any form of disrespectful behavior in the workplace.

  5. We protect GRM Marine's information, assets, and interests:
    We safeguard confidential and proprietary information belonging our clients, and partners from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.
    We take measures to protect physical assets, intellectual property, and other valuable resources belonging to the organization.

  6. We are committed to being a responsible global citizen:
    We recognize our responsibility to the communities and environments in which we operate and strive to minimize our environmental footprint.
    We support social and environmental initiatives that contribute to the well-being and sustainability of society.

  7. Professionalism:
    We conduct ourselves with professionalism and courtesy in all our interactions, both within the organization and with external parties.
    We adhere to company policies, procedures, and standards of conduct, maintaining a positive reputation for GRM Marine.

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