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Code of Ethics


It is utmost priority of GRM Marine Group to safeguard its position as an independent third party by being impartial, integral and independent at all times. Therefore, it employs people that earnestly work by the company values.


In order to safeguard our professional reputation as GRM Marine Group, we expect our employees and external personnel to act ethically and impartially in the long-term interest of our company and society.


It is essential that decisions of GRM inspection services are based on objective evidence of conformity (or non-conformity) and decisions are not influenced by other interests or by other parties.


GRM  Marine Group ensures that it is independent from the parties involved and does not have any link, which violates the conflict of interest & impartiality. By working contractual arrangements and appropriate organizational measures, it is ensured that the services are delivered without external influence.


GRM Marine Group ensures that, all interested parties have access to its services and the access is not conditional upon the size of the client or membership to any association or group and acts completely in a non-discriminatory manner.


GRM Marine Group ensures it is impartial and free from any commercial, financial, and other pressures, which might present a conflict of interest or an appearance of conflict of interest.


GRM Marine Group ensures impartiality is safeguarded at all times by;


  • Not involving employees in the design, manufacture, supply, installation, purchase, owning or maintenance of the items which they inspect / test / certify.

  • Not engaging employees in any consultation nor in any technical advice to customers during Survey, Inspection & Certification activities , that may conflict with their independence of judgement and integrity in relation to the services provided.

  • Encouraging all personnel (internal and external) to reveal any situation known to them that may expose them or our company to conflict of interests;

  • Identifying threats to impartiality arising from the Testing, Inspection & Certification activities of GRM Marine Group threats to impartiality include the following:

  • Self-interest threats: threats that arise from person or body acting in their own interest.

  • Self-review threats: threats that arise from a person or body reviewing the work done by themselves.

  • Familiarity (or trust) threats: threats that arise from a person or body being too familiar with or trusting of another person instead of seeking objective evidence

  • Intimidation threats: threats that arise from a person or body having a perception of being coerced openly or secretively, such as a threat to be replaced or reported to a supervisor

  • Ownership threats: threats that arise from partner companies / Related Bodies / Shareholders

  • Initiating actions to eliminate or minimize potential threats to impartiality.

  • Making Survey, Inspection & Certification decisions based on objective evidence of conformity (or nonconformity) and that its decisions are not influenced by other interests or by other parties;

  • Not implying on customers that, Survey, Inspection & Certification services would be simpler, easier or less expensive if a specific consultancy firm is used;

  • Taking action to correct inappropriate statements by any consultancy organization stating or implying that certification would be simpler, easier, faster or less expensive if GRM Marine Group services are used.

Capt. Guray Ozhan

Managing Director

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